September 28, 2023
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Learn Stand Up Comedy: Performance Improvement}

Learn Stand-up Comedy: Performance Improvement


Steve Roye

To learn stand-up comedy techniques and methodologies is one thing. To put that knowledge into action is a different story.

Im going to reveal the biggest mistake most new comedians makein some cases for years:

They dont rehearse their stand-up comedy act until they are in front of an audience.

Dont believe me? Just go to any comedy open mic in the country and watch what happens.

Failure to rehearse extensively before standing in front of an audience is not only the slowest way to learn stand-up comedy, its a formula for disaster.


Here are some powerful performance improvement guidelines you can use now:

1. For every 5 minutes of your comedy routine, you should devote a minimum of 20 minutes of rehearsal time.

Until you have your material completely tight and you are getting big and frequent laughs, you should try to rehearse daily.

2. You should rehearse your act out loud as if you were standing in front of an audience, using your natural body language, voice infection and tone as you rehearse your routine.

Now if you really want to learn stand-up comedy performance improvement, you will rehearse your stand-up comedy act with your head up, shoulders back and looking ahead (not down).

When you rehearse in this way, you are rehearsing in the natural posture of confidence. So when you rehearse, you are connecting your posture of confidence with your performance.

This posture of confidence will be noticed by your audience when you actually perform, provided you rehearse in that confidence posture.

This powerful technique applies to comedians who are using old school joke writing techniques as well as those using the more powerful topic driven stand-up strategies.

Learn stand-up comedy fast tip #1: You can rehearse your comedy material during everyday conversations provided that no one is aware you are presenting stand-up material.

If you tell people you want them to listen to part of your stand-up act, they will be on guard, looking for your punchlines and wont laugh.

Learn stand-up comedy fast tip #2: Make sure you record your comedy act (video is best) for review after your performance. If you are serious about being a professional comedian, you will want to review each performance to make needed adjustments and tweeks before your next show.

Just keep this in mind:

In the beginning of your stand-up comedy career, stage time is at a premium and can be very difficult to obtain. Make the best use of your stage time by rehearsing extensively BEFORE the audience sees you.

Steve Roye is a globally recognized expert in

stand-up comedy material

development and performance improvement for the stage and speaking platform.

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Learn Stand-up Comedy: Performance Improvement}