June 3, 2023
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Why Doctors Prefer Scrubs}

Submitted by: Sophie Katelin

Scrubs originated back in the 18th century. Previously, importance was never given to the attire worn by doctors. Later on, the risks of performing surgeries and carrying out medical procedures in regular clothes were discovered. Since then, doctors have shifted from regular clothing to wearing scrubs. Scrubs were never freely available in the market until recently. Today almost all super markets and general stores are loaded with scrubs. Scrubs are easily available at online stores as well, especially in the United States. Medical Scrubs are notable among the many online stores in the United States of America.

The purpose of this article is to discuss the top reasons why doctors and medical personnel greatly prefer scrubs while dealing with patients. The first and foremost reason is to control infectious diseases. According to several studies, it has been proved that the primary reason for the transmission of harmful bacteria is the medical scrubs worn by the doctors. Wearing scrubs makes it possible for a doctor to change from one scrub set to another quickly as he travels from one patient to another in a different room. Scrubs are quicker to change in and out from as compared to regular clothing. Scrubs are easy to wash and many hospitals offer laundry services for medical scrubs, thus reducing the chance of spread of infections.

One of the reasons why doctors prefer scrubs is to distinguish themselves from visitors and patients in the hospital. This is essential for the safety of the patients as well. In case of an emergency, it is important that the hospital staff or doctor is identified as soon as possible. Cheap Scrub Sets also help discriminate between different health care roles. Surgical teams mostly wear green colored scrubs, pediatricians normally wear printed scrubs with cartoons or friendly themes in order to calm the children.

It is not very long ago when only nurses were instructed to wear medical scrubs. With the passage of time, surgeons have also started using medical scrubs as a part of their routine. The reason being that it enhances their vision. Green is especially important in enhancing the doctor’s vision since it is the opposite of the color of blood i.e. red. By catching a glimpse of their green scrubs, surgeons can re adjust their vision so that they can easily differentiate between the pink and red patches on their patient’s bodies.

The last but not the least reason is the comfort, durability and ease of wearing scrubs for medical personnel. Throughout the day, medical personnel need to lift patients from bed to bed, help them move and spend long hours standing and walking. Scrubs are so comfortable that they can fit any working condition, since they are lightweight and made of comfortable fabrics such as cotton, polyester and cotton-polyester combination. Additionally, they also save the medical personnel from the hassle of waking up every morning, not being able to decide what to wear. By having a couple of pairs of medical scrubs, they save a lot of time, money and avoid frustration. Scrubs are affordable as well as comfortable. Online stores are best for buying medical scrubs since they offer great deals and clearance sale offers. Clearance Scrub Sets is also available at most online stores.

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