May 21, 2024
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Different Types Of Dentists}

Different Types of Dentists



There are many different types of dental problems and treatments that your general dentist cannot do because he has not been trained in that area. Just as there are specialist doctors, there must also be dental specialists. An ‘ordinary’ dentist will have completed four years of college and four years of dental school. If he desires to specialise in any area, then he will be required to undertake training that can be anywhere from two to six years longer.


The most common specialist area – and the shortest training time – is for the fitting of braces. This is called orthodontics and takes another two to three years of training. If a dentist is particularly interested in treating children’s teeth, then he can train as a paediatric dentist, which also takes two years. Oral surgery with an MD degree can take up to six years. This involves jaw surgery and the removal of teeth.

Other specialist areas include the treatment of gum disease or periodontics, and prosthodontics, which is the rebuilding and replacing of teeth. It takes another two years on top of the regular four years of training. So you can see that there are many areas of dentistry and if your teeth require a specialist to work on them, your dentist may well refer you to one of these.

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Different Types of Dentists }