May 21, 2024
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How Can The Elderly Prevent The Hearing Loss

How Can the Elderly Prevent the Hearing Loss


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In the later years, the elderly must do a good job of various care measures. Otherwise, it is prone to a variety of age-related diseases. Many elderly people have a hearing loss phenomenon, and some even appear aged-related haring loss. However, the people with hearing loss must pay attention to the treatment. In the following, let me introduce how to do the health measures to protect your hearing.

In addition to the reasons for the decline of human physiology, the occurrence of the hearing loss may be the product caused by various unfavorable factors in the environment. Then, how can the elderly effectively prevent hearing loss in the life? Experts will give you some suggestions in the following. First, the elderly should drink less wine and smoke less. Excessive smoking and drinking may damage the auditory nerve, and the nerve center, which also may cause abnormal blood supply, resulting in insufficient blood supply of exports to the inner ear so that affecting hearing.


Second, you should avoid noise damage. Long time in the noisy environment, the hearing organ of elderly must be passive sustained in the excited state, easily lead to fatigue and make the auditory cells atrophy, leading to hearing impairment appears. Third, elderly should keep peace of mind. Too large ups and downs of mood easily leads to the human autonomic imbalance, which will induce or aggravate the inner ear ischemia, edema and so on, so that damage the hearing. Fourth, they need regular massage. The hearing loss of elderly also has a certain relationship to the blood circulation in the inner ear to weaken, so to massage the related points around the ears can active blood circulation, and is conductive to the hearing without a recession.

Fifth, the elderly should actively prevent geriatric diseases. The patients suffering from high blood pressure, coronary heart disease, diabetes, atherosclerosis and other diseases should be actively treated. If the disease cannot be controlled, it may also affect the blood supply to the inner ear so that causing hearing loss. Sixth, the elderly should pay attention to protect their ear. Do not use sharp or hard objects, as well as the unclean objects to pick their ears, in order to avoid appearing wound infection so that hindering the hearing; in addition, once there is water entering into the ears, you should find a way to let the stagnant water flow out. For example, after swimming, you should dry the external ear canal to avoid infection. Besides, when aircraft movements, you can chew gum to avoid injuries due to barometric pressure changes.

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