May 21, 2024
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Online Continuing Education Courses Are Becoming More Popular

By Edward Hulse

As popular as online classes are, there are still millions of individuals that have not taken one. Some adult learners are even scared to try one. They are so used to sitting in a classroom they don’t want to try and balance a new way to learn with their already busy schedule. Online courses were not even available for many individuals going back to school for a graduate degree. But, there are some daring students out there. They are willing to try anything once. Or, because of their travel/work schedule they have to attend online classes to continue their education. They always want to know the same information; how can I prepare for an online class?

In this day and age education is one of the most important characteristics a business will look for in an applicant applying for a job. More students are going back to school than every before. Due to technology advancement, online education is becoming more and more popular for adults going back to school. There are so many degree programs out there both online and on campus. It is very important to do a lot of research when deciding what program and school to attend. First, think about what you want to do for a living. Do you want to be a nurse, own a business, or become an attorney? This is very important because many times depending on what your undergraduate degree is in; it will help indicate your future career path. Meaning if you get a bachelor’s in business management you will likely work in a corporate setting as a sales professional, marketing manager, or mid-level supervisor. On the other hand, if you get your bachelor’s in nursing, you will likely become a nurse at a hospital once you graduate.


Continuing your education is very important. It should not matter what the economy is doing. It is a best practice to be as up to date as possible on industry trends when making decisions for your company. You want to make an informed decision as opposed to an uninformed decision. The best part is, many employers will pay for an online education these days. You may have to commit to them for 1-2 years after completing the degree, but a free education is well worth it. You take the class, receive a passing grade; and then your company reimburses you for your tuition fees. It’s that easy. To find out what internet courses qualify for tuition reimbursement, contact your human resources department.

For the majority of online classes the content taught in the class is the same exact content as you would learn sitting in a classroom. So how can online classes be easier if this is the case? You do not get to meet your professor or classmates, but are held to the same standards as a student who gets that face-to-face interaction on a weekly basis. Online courses are typically more reading and writing than a traditional class and have less interaction with others. The students who prefer online courses like the flexibility and convenience, but the majority of them do not think they are ‘easier’ than a traditional course on campus.

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