July 18, 2024
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Plumbing Services In Sparks For A Small Greenhouse


A person who is planning to have a small greenhouse constructed on the property may want to have some indoor plumbing installed there. Having to lug a garden hose around that’s attached to an exterior faucet on the house becomes tiring, and it can be difficult to avoid knocking over plants. plumbing services in the Sparks area can install features such as pipes with faucets located in strategic places, a misting system and a sink with a faucet.

Pipes, Tubing & Small Faucets


Being able to tap into water pipes at several different locations is convenient when a person is working in a greenhouse. She has the option of using watering cans or attaching short hoses to these faucets to water nearby plants. Now, instead of dragging the big hose in from outside and maneuvering through the building, she simply turns on small indoor faucets and completes the watering tasks for the day.

Drip Irrigation

A drip irrigation setup from a plumbing services company can provide both overhead misting and direct watering of plants at specific points. Misting provides a certain amount of plant watering and also has cooling and humidity elevation functions. In a sense, it imitates light rain, which is beneficial, especially in an arid climate like that of the Sparks region.

A Sink & Faucet

The individual who wants a greenhouse needs a sink and faucet inside for convenience. There will be many times she wants to rinse the potting soil off containers, tools or her hands. If local regulations allow, plumbing services in Sparks can set up a drainpipe or drain hose running from the sink into the yard, so the drain doesn’t have to be hooked up to a sewage system.

Concluding Thoughts

The greenhouse plumbing system doesn’t have to be complex, especially if the building is small. A simple setup from a company such as Paschall Plumbing Heating Cooling is an affordable solution to the person’s greenhouse watering needs. A licensed plumber meets with the property owner to discuss plumbing design options and how to create the most effective watering and misting system for this particular greenhouse.

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