April 21, 2024
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The Different Types Of Vitamin B12}

Submitted by: Peter Lloyd

B12 (often called cobalamin) is essential in order for your system to function properly. Otherwise, your body’s internal metabolism could be damaged, and you may become dangerously sick, which could lead to a risk of life-threatening and long-lasting effects if it is left untreated.

Vitamin B12 is the biggest B-vitamin in existence, its reddish in color, itll quickly dissolve in water, and it has got a more complicated structure than any of the others, largely thanks to a cobalt atom in the center. No mammal or any other fungus, plant or animal is able to create vitamin B12, and so the sole way to get it is through ingestion.

Nothing but bacteria are capable of synthesizing cobalamin, though luckily there is not even one animal on the world that doesnt support a diversity of bacteria subsisting in or on it. As a result you will frequently get some B12 from your everday food, but meat and dairy will often contain higher concentrations of vitamin B12.


There are several individual types of cobalamin. The variety that may be derived from bacteria is known as hydroxocobalamin, but bear in mind that no man can benefit from this directly. In reality, the sole way that it is valuable is if your system transforms it to an alternative form, possibly adenosylcobalamin or alternatively methylcobalamin. It is furthermore feasible for your body to change between both unique varieties of cobalamin just in case it wants to.

Methyl- and adenosylcobalamin are bioavailable kinds of vitamin B12, which just means that your body can utilize them immediately, without further reactions. This is just one of several reasons that supplements that contain methylcobalamin are starting to be more and more popular, because the increased bioavailability of a vitamer should be a fantastic marketing point.

The fourth and final form that B12 exists in is cyanocobalamin. This form only rarely appears in nature and the lone basis for it to exist in big amounts now is that technicians can make it in the lab.

Cyanocobalamin is cheaper to synthesize in significant quantities than any other type of cobalamin, and so its the commonest type in dietary supplements. But its an unnatural product, which many men and women dont want to ingest.

One more possible issue makes itself known within your body. As with hydroxocobalamin, your body is incapable of making use of cyanocobalamin as it is and has to convert this vitamer into an active kind of vitamin B12 first. The cause for concern is that the change of form has to release a molecule of cyanide into the body. Everyone constantly consumes minor amounts of cyanide, although lots of men and women prefer to take methylcobalamin tablets once they realize that their generally healthy tablets are constantly releasing dangerous chemicals directly into their bloodstream.

So if you want to be certain that you’re giving your body exactly what it needs, without releasing potentially harmful chemicals into your body, then always choose a supplement that contains methylcobalamin rather than cyanocobalamin. It may be more expensive, but you always get what you pay for.

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