April 21, 2024
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The Training And Skills You Need To Become A Loss Prevention Specialist

By Kenneth Echie

‘Billions of dollars are lost to shoplifters and employee theft each year in the retail sector.’ The Loss Prevention Specialist is in charge of detecting, reporting, and resolving situations in the areas of safety, inventory shortages, cash management, and theft. He or she will also provide customer support according to the Company’s standards.

A Loss Prevention Specialist is a key role in professional environment. Typically, this position is known in the retail industries. It is not uncommon to have a need for these skills in office environments – in most cases the skills will be combined into another job title, like an Office Manager.

As much as we would like to believe customers and employees to be honest, this is not always the case. When put in certain situations, humans can be dishonest. It is the responsibility of the Loss Prevention Specialist to resolve these issues in a professional yet prompt manner.

Loss Prevention Specialist Training

Education is a must for this position in most cases. Occasionally small companies will accept an applicant that holds a high school diploma and no higher education. This is a rare situation. Typically, companies will require at the minimum an Associate’s Degree with additional training in Criminal Justice. Depending on the size of company, they may require the applicant to have a Bachelor’s Degree. Educational requirements vary.

Training in Criminal Justice will prepare interested individuals for the position. There are many ways to obtain the necessary training. Many schools offer this type of learning online for working students.


Loss Prevention Specialist Skills

1. One must have some knowledge of surveillance equipment. As a Loss Prevention Specialist, you will be monitoring closed circuit television systems in some situations. Having a working knowledge of the equipment will be of help.

2. One must be willing to work unusual hours, day or night, weekends and holidays, as the company need may be.

3. Handling intricate situations in a diplomatic fashion is also a must. There will be times that you are faced with employees who may have been dishonest and even customers. Being able to resolve these issues is a must.

4. Maintaining proper records and documentation is another skill that will be used in this position. Keep detailed notes of every situation – doing so will be useful to you and the company.

5. The ability to observe and identify improper behavior accurately and quickly is also a need. Be sure that what you are seeing is what it appears to be before moving forward. Uncertain allegations can be embarrassing and cause undue anger.

6. Another skill is the ability to uphold fair and regular rules and standards by utilizing proper judgment. In most cases, the company already has a set of standards in place. The Loss Prevention Specialist needs only to be sure that these are followed by all of the staff members and customers.

The Loss Prevention Specialist is in a nutshell, the Honest Police. With proper training and guidance, this career path could very well be the ideal position for the right person.

I urge you to do more research on the profession on the internet. You can do this by visiting websites that cover the profession in more detail.

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